Defiled (Two Depraved Stories)-

  • Title: Defiled (Two Depraved Stories)
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Formerly $4.99, this work is now on sale.

This is a collection of no-holds-barred true accounts from Depravity- the worlds largest convention for swingers, BDSM enthusiasts, and people with all manner of sexual deviations. I was first invited in 2011, but 2013 is the first year that I created a record of what transpires there. This is an unauthorized biography, and the only one of it's kind.

In 2013, Depravity was held on the top floors of the Luxor, in Las Vegas. My very first night at Depravity I watched the public nudity and sexual punishments of those who had misbehaved. Soon, I partook in a slave auction and "won" the attention of three willing women for my weekend. Each of them were young, hungry, and submissive- almost to a fault.

It was the most amazing weekend of my life.

Before the weekend was over, I had fucked, and in turn been fucked by, more people than I remember. I had publicly flogged one of my slaves. I had forced a woman I had never met to service one of my slaves with her mouth, starting with her feet and moving up to devour her more intimate areas. I watched while she came, flogging her pretty breasts with a scourge as she did.

Everything about this spectacle is worth remembering.

The six titles in this series have an Egyptian theme, due to the location of
Depravity 2013 being in the Luxor (a pyramid). The series includes:

The Passion of Osiris
The Lust of Anubis
The Degradation of Isis
The Pleasure Slave of Horus
The Dark Hungers of Ra
The Bondage of Bastet

THIS BOOK CONTAINS The Lust of Anubis and The Bondage of Bastet.

The Lust of Anubis:
This year, Wil has purchased himself a sexy schoolgirl who has become the epitome of many men’s desires. She is his pigtail and skirt wearing toy, and he is delighted to explore her many hidden delights.

But is there a limit to what the young Japanese woman offers him? Or will this Anubis-masked man come to learn what secrets she hides beneath her mysterious, coy smile?

Is she actually more than she seems?

Bondage of Bastet:
Rylie is a true Maestra of bondage, and Depravity is her home. Each year, she purchases slaves at the auction, simply so she can show off her newest knots.

This year, however, Rylie has a different game. She has some challenging ideas for her slaves, ideas that will lead to new depths of pain, pleasure, and deviant humiliation.

It won’t end until one of them finally submits- offering every part of their body for public use.

"Here's what we're going to do." I smiled, as if I had just hatched an fiendish plan. I looked at Stefan. "Wheel that bitch over here. We're going to play a game."

Kelly was doing a proper job of seeming terrified. I was half certain that she was simply aroused at the thought of all these strangers, staring at her. Her tits and her ass were all in perfect view.

She was a little whore on display, and she could do nothing about it.

Stefan wheeled her over, and I stepped closer to help. When we were done, Kelly's pretty shaved pussy was nestled against Mari's face.

"I'm going to keep hitting you with the switch." My voice, even at a low purr, was omnipresent in the speakers. "I'm going to spank your pussy and ass until she comes." I flicked my wrist once, sending a stripe of red fire along one of her pretty cunt lips. She wailed.

Then, I looked at Kelly.

"If you come while she eats you, then you lose. If that happens, I'm going to pick five people from the crowd, and let them fuck you until you can't walk."

The look on her face was amazing. It was arousal and horror all tied together with a ribbon of shock.

"Yes, Mistress." Kelly's voice was tiny.

I looked at Stefan. "You may fuck her mouth." I gestured at Kelly. "If she can make you come before she does, then I won't punish her." I grinned at him "If she can't, then I'll let you fuck either of them, as you will, for the rest of the weekend."

The smile on his face was smug. "Yes, Mistress."

Then, the game began. pdf
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