Honor: A Defense (Routledge Studies in Ethics and Moral Theory)-

  • Title: Honor: A Defense (Routledge Studies in Ethics and Moral Theory)
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  • Released: 2013-08-21
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  • Pages: 198
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"In this thought-provoking, rewarding, and accessible volume, Anthony Cunningham boldly confronts the negative associations we might attach to the idea of honour and shows convincingly that none of these in any way damns the concept as such. In their place, Cunningham carefully builds up a defence of honour as a fundamental aspect of our nature as social beings and a notion that deserves to reclaim a central place in our thinking about the kind of people we want to be." --Douglas Cairns, author of Aidôs: The Psychology and Ethics of Honour and Shame in Ancient Greek Literature

"Bernard Williams brought our attention to the much neglected concept of shame in our ethical thinking. Now Anthony Cunningham does the same for an equally neglected concept, the concept of honor." --George W. Harris, author of Reason’s Grief: An Essay on Tragedy and Value

About the Author

Anthony Cunningham is Professor of Philosophy at St. John's University, USA

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