Out Of The Closet-

  • Title: Out Of The Closet
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  • Released: 2013-01-09
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  • Pages: 510
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  • ASIN: B00AZMT6L2


About the Author Le Fey was born in Bristol in 1958. She started her career as a telesales operator for a large soft drinks company. After thirteen years and the closure of the Keynsham based depot, she took redundancy. Her next career move was working as a temporary staff controller for an employment agency, where she successfully progressed to branch manager. For the past seventeen years divorcée Vivvy Anne has been in full time employment working shifts as a radio dispatcher for the 1st emergency service. In her spare time she makes and sells Christmas cards and is also a keen gardener, her love of Japanese Acers and Bonsai trees abundantly evident in her small prize winning garden. If she is to describe herself, she would say she is energetic, creative, passionate given half the chance, mischievous, very naughty, has a warped sense of humour, is clumsy and if she is to be honest very unlikely to get on or off a closet without injury, a feisty female with a lot to say for herself. Others would describe her as eccentric and as mad as a box of frogs… pdf
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