Woodson's World-

  • Title: Woodson's World
  • Author:
  • Released: 0000-00-00
  • Language:
  • Pages: 327
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  • ASIN: B004FGN7QE


In Woodson’s World, Greg Woodson, a computer genius and visionary, invents a Virtual Reality computer that rapidly enhances creativity and opens the future to an avalanche of inventiveness. Creativity abounds, new ideas pour from the minds of thousands that seem to have no bounds. New avenues of social and political change are quickly developed. Woodson moves swiftly to fulfill his mission to finally realize the globalization of the world.
The fabric of society is forever changed. In a few short years over 4 billion computers, programmed for Virtual Reality, and completely controlled by Woodson are in the hands of the public. The dream of one man ruling the world, of becoming a virtual God, is about to be realized. The world rejoices as evidence of rapidly increasing social and political globalization accumulates. In an overwhelming experience in virtual reality the unification of the world’s religions begins. Woodson’s power over the minds of the vast population of the world increases. Artists multiply; new methods for education and treatment of mental illness arise. The world is basking in their newfound creativity and highly imaginative sexuality. But obstacles appear. A worldwide rebellion of adolescents threatens the existence of Woodson’s world as they rise up against society that attempts to curtail their exploration of sexuality in VR. Fearing his ascendancy to world dominance, the CIA and FBI begin to attack Woodson and plan his assassination,

Two women vie for the love of Greg Woodson. One wants to enhance his mission to change and improve the social and political structure of society. The other desires to promote his quest for world power and domination. Their struggle mounts as Woodson’s power intensifies.

Woodson’s World is a powerful, suspenseful work that takes you deeply into a man’s psyche and reveals the secrets that had set Woodson on his early path to world power. It is a blend of action, political intrigue, sexual and romantic adventures, the power of creativity, astonishing visions of a future world and a painful triangular love story that remains unresolved until the final shattering conclusion.

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