Where to Bike 6 pack Portland Display: Best Biking in City and Suburbs-Anne Lee

  • Title: Where to Bike 6 pack Portland Display: Best Biking in City and Suburbs
  • Author: Anne Lee
  • Released: 2012-10-12
  • Language:
  • Pages: 328
  • ISBN: 098716869X
  • ISBN13: 978-0987168696
  • ASIN: 098716869X



A42 Rocky Mount Ride

This ride takes you to two of the three extinct volcanoes within the Portland city limits. The third is Powell Butte which has unpaved pathways perfect for mountain biking. The two buttes on this ride are Rocky Butte and Mount Tabor. Rocky Butte offers a sweeping 360 degree view of Portland and surrounding areas. Mount Tabor has a popular sunset view of the city of Portland.

Rocky Butte is an extinct volcanic cinder cone butte. The ride up is not as steep as it seems when you are at the bottom of the hill looking up. At the summit is the Joseph Wood Hill Park which is constructed of stone and resembles a fortress. Hill established the Hill Military Academy which is now home to the City Bible College at the base of the hill. Several of the bunkers have been renovated and are used by the college today. In the park at the summit old fashioned lights sit atop the hand carved stone wall and illuminate the park at night.   Rocky Butte is a favorite of mountain climbers and there are over 150 climbing routes available. From the summit you can see the airport, the Columbia River Gorge, downtown Portland, and Vancouver.

Book Description


Where to Bike Portland a cycling guide to the city for recreational cyclists who want to know more about fun interesting places to ride their bikes for family time, fun and fitness. Interest in cycling is booming because people are keen to improve their health and that of their kids, reduce pollution, and contribute to a greener society. Where to Bike Portland will help people to achieve their goal of riding more often. It has GPS-generated mapping, brilliant color photography, and engaging text. It's printed on tough, glossy stock to cope with sweaty hands and life on the road. The double-o ring binding will allow the book to fold out flat.


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