I Want My Foreskin for Giftmas-Carl J. Schutt, Carl Schutt

  • Title: I Want My Foreskin for Giftmas
  • Author: Carl J. Schutt, Carl Schutt
  • Released: 2005-04-22
  • Language:
  • Pages: 32
  • ISBN: 0975320262
  • ISBN13: 978-0975320266
  • ASIN: 0975320262


Review Brilliant, It's a PERFECT coffee table book -- at least in my house! --Marilyn Milos, 1/28/05

I believe it (Giftmas) also will become a strong symbolic landmark in the movement. --Maurene White 2/6/05

Thank you so much for your insight and skills. --Jody McLaughlin 3/4/05

About the Author Schutt, a New Jersey resident who has a monthly column about circumcision for, first discovered that not all penises were circumcised during a college semester spent in Italy. It was this realization that plunged him into educational overload about the futility of genital mutilation and, eventually, led him to create I Want My Foreskin For Giftmas. pdf
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