Spicy Vegetarian Cookbook: Vegetarian Chili, Hot Pepper & Spicy Vegan Recipes-

  • Title: Spicy Vegetarian Cookbook: Vegetarian Chili, Hot Pepper & Spicy Vegan Recipes
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  • Released: 2013-07-24
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  • Pages: 42
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Vegetarian Cookbook of Chili
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This vegetarian cookbook is full of healthy recipes, with a kick. You may spice up the meals as much as You like with even hotter chili, but in the basics of the vegetarian meals is a fair level of spiciness.
This selection of best vegetarian recipes will show that vegetarian food can be fun, funky, delicious, and not to mention spicy!

Customer Review (Mary Njoki)
...Vegetarian food is fairly new to me, as in Kenya we used to eat meat often, so I hoped to find great advise and... finally did find recipes, that served my gusto well in this spicy cookbook. ... read more on Review (S. Hill)
The Spicy Vegetarian Cookbook had some mouth watering spicy vegan recipes from a variety of cuisines ranging from Mexican to Indian. They incorporate a variety of spices. I unfortunately ...... read more below
Included are tasteful and easy vegetarian recipes from all over the world for the inexperienced cook, which can support a vegetarian diet plan. Some of the recipes - like the Spicy Spaghetti Mushroom Bolognese and the So Yummy Corn Tortilla Chili - require more ingredients and more preparation time (though the result is well worth the effort).

However, some of the other meatless meals demand very few effort and can be put together in hardly any time at all!
You will be thrilled to cook the hot pepper recipes and spicy vegetarian recipes from this new collection of spicy vegetarian recipes!
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Lets get veggie...
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