Souls in Full Sail: A Christian Spirituality for the Later Years-Emilie Griffin

  • Title: Souls in Full Sail: A Christian Spirituality for the Later Years
  • Author: Emilie Griffin
  • Released: 2011-01-12
  • Language:
  • Pages: 183
  • ISBN: 0830835482
  • ISBN13:
  • ASIN: B00CNL3R0O


Review "Out of a youth-obsessed culture, even and especially in evangelism, comes a wise book. Wise, because it's grounded in both biblical insight and the experience of having lived--the latter trait being sorely lacking in much evangelical fare these days. Many things have to be rethought in the winter years--home, vocation, parents, health, children, and money, to name a few--and Griffin helps readers do so Christianly, using prose both thought provoking and beautiful." (Mark Galli, Christianity Today, November 2010 )

"In a culture in which most everyone else seems to be in frantic flight from getting older, Emilie Griffin embraces it, welcoming and exploring what she calls 'homewardness'--and without a trace of sentimental romanticizing. This is hard-won spiritual wisdom, useful to young and old alike." (Eugene H. Peterson, translator of The Message )

"Many think the senior years of life are a time to reluctantly drift off into the sunset. 'Not so!' says Emilie Griffin. In prose as beautiful as a sunrise over the ocean, Souls in Full Sail glows with the wisdom of spiritual maturity and offers practices and questions to illumine our own voyage. This memoir, christened with Scripture and launched from the author's own experience, shows us how to navigate the seas that lead over the final horizon to the promised land of everlasting life. Griffin gives us cause to pause, ponder and praise!" (Albert Haase, O.F.M., author of Coming Home to Your True Self, Living the Lord's Prayer and This Sacred Moment )

"Souls in Full Sail should find a place in our libraries, even as many of us seek to divest ourselves of much lifelong accumulation." (Wayne A. Holst, America, March 14, 2011 )

"I loved this book! It is what can happen when a gifted writer and seasoned spiritual director crafts a very personal meditation on getting older. Souls in Full Sail has all the best characteristics of a well-written memoir and it may help a lot of baby-boomers come to terms with something that is widely experienced but seldom prepped for--getting older. Reading this book has helped me find God in more and more present moments." (Gary W. Moon, M.Div., Ph.D., author, Apprenticeship with Jesus,; Vice President and Integration Chair, Richmont Graduate University )

"Through story and metaphor, Griffin celebrates the truth and beauty of becoming older and wiser in a culture that abhors aging. As a result this book enriches not only those moving into their later years but also the ones who are watching those they love grow older."     (Jan Johnson, author of Abundant Simplicity and Spiritual Disciplines Companion )

"Emilie Griffin, a writer of intelligent spirituality, writes with compelling wisdom about the growth that must still come after growing up. Her memories are vivid and poignant and her view of the end of the voyage is bright with the grace that flows from a fruitful life." (Luci Shaw, author of Harvesting Fog and The Crime of Living Cautiously ) pdf
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