The White Book Service 2002: Service v. 1: Civil Procedure-Rt Hon Lrd Just May

  • Title: The White Book Service 2002: Service v. 1: Civil Procedure
  • Author: Rt Hon Lrd Just May
  • Released: 2002-04-26
  • Language:
  • Pages: 0
  • ISBN: 042178430X
  • ISBN13: 978-0421784307
  • ASIN: 042178430X


Review Essentially, it's indispensableRemains the most effective resource in court.The White Book remains the civil lawyer's bible. Its authority is unquestioned and I have it with me at all times.Easy to use and relentlessly up-to-date, it remains the pre-eminent authority on civil practice...the Ten Commandments look negligible in comparison with Sweet & Maxwell's account of civil procedure.An invaluable resource for litigators; all the forms you are ever likely to need, well indexed and in a ring binder for easy updating.With a renowned author team, high quality comment and analysis, superior coverage of both the High and county courts, together with clear indexing and a range of service options (including an internet service with all the very latest amendments), The White Book Service remains the best choice for practitioners who require access to the most authoritative and reliable commentaries and to the most recent versions of the Civil Procedure Rules, Practice Directions and key case decisions.I find the White Book footnotes of particular help if I am troubled by a phrase or word... The striking characteristic about the White Book which I found particularly helpful was the separate Forms Volume. No disrespect is intended to Butterworths but I preferred the White Book forms mainly for their user-friendly option - they can be photocopied for use in particular cases. I feel very much at ease with the White Book as it appears to me as a long lost friend. Tim Taylor, Head of Litigation, SJ Berwin. pdf
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