Eight Habits of the Heart for Educators: Building Strong School Communities Through Timeless Values-Clifton L. Taulbert

  • Title: Eight Habits of the Heart for Educators: Building Strong School Communities Through Timeless Values
  • Author: Clifton L. Taulbert
  • Released: 2006-02-24
  • Language:
  • Pages: 152
  • ISBN: 1412926319
  • ISBN13: 978-1412926317
  • ASIN: 1412926319


Review "This is not just a book, but a call to action. It provides practical examples of how to change schools into learning communities for the personal and academic betterment of all students, teachers, and principals. The weaving of personal stories with important messages for educators makes this an important book to be used for professional development within schools. Having spent so much time in the last few years working on student achievement in high-poverty schools, it was a pleasure to once again read about what is truly important to student success." (Diane Barone, Professor of Literary Studies 2005-08-24)

"Clifton Taulbert uses his charismatic writing and inspirational stories to convey a powerful message. Teachers and educators who are interested in bringing the Eight Habits of the Heart into their lives will find this book compelling and useful." (Douglas Fisher, Professor 2005-08-24)

"This book will appeal to teachers, administrators, school board members, and those studying to be educators. Clifton Taulbert's style is both intellectual and down-home, and the book is organized for maximum effectiveness. It offers strategies without being strategy driven, is spiritual without being preachy, and provides opportunities for readers to look toward self-improvement while still feeling good about the progress they have already made." (John C. Hughes, Principal 2005-08-29)

"Eight Habits of the Heart™ for Educators is well suited for new as well as seasoned administrators looking to improve student achievement. New teacher mentoring programs would be an ideal place for many of the suggested activities. Weaving in the life experiences of the author creates interest and provides the reader with a sense that putting the habits in place is very possible." (Kay Lovelace Taylor, Principal Associate 2005-08-26)

“Clifton Taulbert has once again brought us a poignant and passionate story of help. He offers some powerful, practical solutions for improving schools and communities at the level of parents, educators, and community members." (Gloria Ladson-Billings, Kellner Family Chair in Urban Education 2005-11-21)

"Taulbert unselfishly offers educators a practical approach to building strong school communities in a time when we are bombarded by demanding legislation, complex theory, and endless assessments for measuring quality learning. This book takes us on a refreshing, personable, and sensible journey toward school improvement." (Glenn E. Singleton, Executive Director, Pacific Educational Group 2005-12-13)

"Eight Habits of the Heart for Educators is a fascinating, refreshing, entertaining, and—most importantly—an informative book. It provides clear, concrete illustrations of how to develop a list of desired qualities in a school community." (Kofi Lomotey, Senior Fellow 2005-10-27)

"This volume is a remarkable and compelling testimonial to the potential power of what Clifton Taulbert calls 'the Eight Habits of the Heart' to transform our system of education and our society." (William F. Winter, Former Govenor of Mississippi 2005-12-09)

"Clifton Taulbert eloquently captures the heart and soul of those who are called to serve humanity as teachers and leaders, and challenges each of us to be mindful of the enormous responsibility of nurturing our youngest citizens—the future trustees of our communities and our nation." (Deborah B. Reeve, Deputy Executive Director 2005-12-13)

"Clifton Taulbert’s Eight Habits of the Heart, combined with his poignant stories, bring to life the all-important notion of building community in school. If our political leaders and other would-be reformers would take heed, our children and this society would be immeasurably better off." (Eric Schaps, President 2006-01-09)

"Once again, Clifton Taulbert has reached the hearts and souls of people from all walks of life. He is an inspiration to educators, parents, and children. Clifton Taulbert is a true leader of the 21st century." (Mary Anne Haas, Executive Assistant to the President 2006-01-12)

"Taulbert has written specifically to educators in this new volume, melding his experience with community building in business and government to his work with educators. The core of his message is building community and engaging in selfless service to students, who are our future. His message in general and in this book for educators is inspirational, relevant, and transformative. Taulbert knows what matters to us, to our children, and to the future of our society." (Marvin W. Berkowitz, Sanford N. McDonnell Professor of Character Education 2006-01-03)

From the Back Cover Through moving and inspirational stories, Taulbert explains the Eight Habits-nurturing attitude, dependability, responsibility, friendship, brotherhood, high expectations, courage, and hope, and how educators can implement them into their own lives and the life of their school. pdf
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