The Inside Job: Working as an In-house Lawyer-

  • Title: The Inside Job: Working as an In-house Lawyer
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  • Released: 2013-06-12
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  • Pages: 88
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The author undertook this book first and foremost to improve his own understanding of the role: what it really meant to be an in-house lawyer, what were the unique aspects of the role that differentiated it from private practice, and what challenges in-house lawyers faced that would not be transparent to colleagues in other parts in the organisation or in law firms.

The intention of this book, therefore, is to share thoughts, create awareness about the role and generally to promote the function of in-house lawyer, corporate counsel and lawyers employed in government, public sector, charities and other non-corporate entities.

This book is aimed at corporate counsel and in-house lawyers in public sector by whatever title, not only General Counsel and experienced in-house lawyers but also those new to an in-house role.

It will be of interest also to those in private practice who wish to learn more about the challenges their clients face and, in particular, those considering a move in-house. And some of the chapters in this ebook will be of interest to legal executives, company secretaries and those in associated functions, such as compliance.

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