New Title 1 (Part I)-

  • Title: New Title 1 (Part I)
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  • Released: 2009-03-10
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  • Pages: 212
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  • ASIN: B001XCW5DO


The irony of this mortgage crisis is that the whole-sale depreciation of the mortgage-backed-securities has always been several times greater than the retail price of the real estate market (or what home-owners could afford to pay). This means that bailing out homeowners would have reinstated Wall Streets’ lost value for about one third the cost banks have been spending to write-off these securities. The difference presents a 50% spread between Wall Streets’ write-downs and the properties values. If only we could overcome the ‘disconnect’ between Wall Street and homeowners. RADHA bridges this great divide to capture that 50% value just waiting to be reclaimed – worth Trillion(s). pdf
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