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  • Title: Reassigning: Webster's Facts and Phrases
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  • Released: 2008-12-19
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Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Nonfiction Usage

Journalism Usage

FBI - News: June 21, 2002 — Headline: FBI Director Explains Reorganization Plan to Congress. Excerpt: Several lawmakers expressed concern that other aspects of the FBI's work, such as counter-narcotics, will not suffer in the reorganization. Mr. Mueller says he does not want to move "too far, too fast" in permanently reassigning agents.

Pakistan - News: July 18, 2007 — Headline: White House Presses Pakistan on al-Qaida Havens. Author: Scott Stearns. Excerpt: The Central Intelligence Agency last year disbanded a ten-year effort to hunt down bin Laden, reassigning those agents to the broader fight against terrorism.

United States - News: March 20, 2002 — Headline: Catholic Church Image Under Fire After Sexual Abuse Scandals. Excerpt: The growing public outcry over incidents of sexual abuse by Roman Catholic clergy began in Boston, Massachusetts. Parishioners and lawmakers there were shocked when they learned that the Church had dealt with cases of abuse by priests by reassigning them to different parishes.

United States - News: April 5, 2002 — Headline: US Catholic Church Re-Examines Sex Abuse Policies. Excerpt: The latest lawsuits were filed at a time when public outrage is growing among many U.S. Catholics over the way the Church has dealt with charges of abusive priests by reassigning them to different parishes. Many states, including New York, legally exempt clergy from reporting cases of sexual abuse to police.

United States - News: July 27, 2003 — Headline: US Marks 50th Anniversary of Armistice Ending Korean War. Excerpt: General LaPorte dismissed reports that reassigning the 37,000 American troops in South Korea indicated either a weakening of U.S. military commitment there or an imminent attack on North Korea.

Legal Usage

Government of Colombia. Law 344 of 27 December 1996 sets guidelines for reducing the public debt, guaranteeing its financing, and reassigning resources to the sectors in need. Amends Law 60 of 1993, Law 181 of 1995 and Law 99 of 1993. Repeals paragraph b) of article 27 and paragraph 2 of article 221; as well as the portion of the General Budget of the Nation that refers to paragraph 2 of article 258 of Law 100 of 1993. Published in Diario Oficial on December 27, 1996.

Government of Spain. Order of Nov. 16, 1990 from the Ministry of Transportation, Tourism and Communications abolishes the Center for Tests and Standardization of the General Administration of Mail and Telegraphs, reassigning the duties of this Center to the laboratories of the General Administration of Telecommunications. (4 provisions. Page 35149.) Is in 1 PDF. Published in Boletin Oficial del Estado on November 16, 1990.

Government of Spain. Royal Decree 298/1991 of Mar. 12 from the Presidency of the Government effects a reorganization of the ministerial departments comprising the executive branch, reassigning some functions from one ministry to another, and creating other ministries. Specifically affected are matters concerning energy, commerce and industry, transportation, tourism, and public works. Published in Boletin Oficial del Estado on March 12, 1991.

Patent Usage

Collaborative Data Cleansing: Patented by Stefan D. Lang and Willi A. Rausch on April 29, 2003. Abstract: Collaborative data cleansing involves using two or more computer systems for merging two data objects by copying one or more attribute values associated with one a source object to a target data object and reassigning any instances that refer to the source object to the target object. The computer systems involved in the collaborative data cleansing exchange messages concerning the local status of the data cleansing cases.

Disk drive apparatus and error recovery method in the disk drive: Patented by Shinji Ueno, Yasuhiro Iihara, Haruo Andoh and Takashi Nakamura on February 8, 1997. Abstract: A disk drive has an error recovery procedure with a plurality of ERP steps. An unused capacity of an alternate area on a disk for reassigning data is determined. While executing the error recovery procedure, an execution condition for reassigning data is changed based unused capacity of the alternate area. Data is reassigned to the alternate area in response to the execution condition. This prevents the early loss of the alternate area.
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