Meditate & Declare (A Journey with the Apostle Paul)-

  • Title: Meditate & Declare (A Journey with the Apostle Paul)
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  • Released: 2012-04-04
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  • Pages: 180
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Meditate and Declare

Are you ready to grow in your walk with God like you've never experienced before? Are you prepared to begin to actively and purposefully live a dead-to-sin lifestyle? Meditate and Declare is a Christian book that clearly shows the scriptural foundation for meditation on the Word of God and the correct use of declarations in our lives so that we can begin to be more Christ-like and impact our world the way that Jesus intended. The Apostle Paul wrote a total of 13 books, 7 of which are included in this book. The format in each of these chapters is to include an important passage or concept that Paul addressed and then provided for you are thoughts to meditate on and declarations to begin to declare over your life and the lives of those in your sphere of influence. The hope of this author is that you will learn by example how to extrapolate key concepts from the Word of God and begin to meditate on those concepts and in turn begin to actively and boldly in faith “speak those things that are not as though they were” fully believing that the God who spoke the universe into existence will begin to move for, in, and through you to impact our world for His Glory.

In this book you will discover…
• A deeper walk with God through contemplative prayer.
• The Bible’s instruction on meditation.
• A productive relationship between meditation and prayer.
• The power of prayer that is informed by the word of God.

About the Author
Lynn is an honor graduate from a two-year Bible training school through End Time Glory Ministries. She is married, has two children and two well-loved grandsons. She has a passion to see the people of God grow in the entirety of the depth and height of all that Jesus died to give them. Not only does Lynn write, but she is an excellent public speaker and teacher of the Word. As the Apostle Paul showed us, it doesn’t matter what your station or circumstance in life might be; there is complete freedom and victory available to each of His Children in all things.

If you've wondered if there is a place for meditation alongside Christianity, then this is the book for you. The author clearly distinguishes biblical meditation and contemplation from non-Christian meditation –¬ this is good book for new and mature believers. pdf
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