Leadership Training Course: Effective Leadership for Small Group Ministry-

  • Title: Leadership Training Course: Effective Leadership for Small Group Ministry
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  • Released: 2013-07-19
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Leadership training course (effective leadership for small groups)
This book is an indispensable resource for pastors and small group leaders. God calls all Christians to fulfill the Great Commission. This means each church member must step up and developing his own quality leadership by employing what he has learned by leading a small group.
Leadership qualities can be learned! Leaders are not born but trained and cultivated, thus the need for a leader's training course. Jesus trained His own small group of 12 men who began with no leadership qualities. They learned everything from walking with Jesus. In the same way today, leaders must learn the principles involved in effective leadership, and these are not intuitively acquired. Quality leadership is effective leadership. Leadership is about results and not just organization!

Each lesson of the "Leadership training course" shows how you can identify and improve your leadership qualities and exercise an effective leadership resulting not only in your own growth, but also that of the members that you serve.

Christian leadership today is going through a tremendous crisis. The church has confused leadership with administration, which is important but not foundational! The Leadership training course reinforces this distinction by showing the identity that God has given us as His children and His purpose for each of one of us. This Leadership training course teaches the foundations of God’s throne and the role that spiritual authority plays in extending His rule over the earth.

Through this book the leader will learn how to exercise an effective leadership by understanding and practicing these principles of spiritual authority. Spiritual authority has been woefully abused through the centuries and as a result many churches have abandoned the principle altogether. This book shows how to practice these principles without getting lost in the abuses of authority. The Leadership training course teaches the effective leadership qualities that new leaders need to protect themselves and the network of leaders in which they work from the dangers of these abuses.

Effective leadership qualities will also be learned by observing the lives of OT and NT leaders like Moses, Joshua, David, and the Apostle Paul. The effective leadership qualities that these men practiced are often overlooked in the narrative of each gospel account. However, we must recognize that effective leadership qualities are the hallmark of each positive bible character and the negative characters in the bible are presented as models of leadership qualities that must be avoided.
This book also presents effective leadership qualities in evangelism, how to overcome barriers to evangelism, styles of evangelism, and tips for mobilizing your group or church in evangelism.

This book also teaches effective leadership qualities related to praise and worship. Not every group member will have the gifts for ministering praise and worship but some will and you must know how to lead them into serving the group in this capacity.

What this leaders training course will do for you:
The leaders training course will increase your confidence as you grow in your identity as a child and minister of God.
This course will increase your competence for more effective leadership in any group or church setting.

The Leadership training course will also increase your influence as you attain higher levels of effective leadership. The focus is on effective leadership qualities and not just recognition as a good friend or an inspiring communicator.

The Leadership training course will teach you how you can have a healing and deliverance ministry in your church or small group, how to counsel youth in relationships with members of the opposite sex and how to navigate the difficulties of what many call the “grey areas" of the Christian life.
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