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  • Released: 2013-02-14
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Audio Strategies for Creating Killer Audio/Video Products Using Public Domain Content

In “Create Audio Products,” I draw from my years of experience in the sound industry (Dad was a sound engineer), combined with my knowledge and experience with finding and working with Public Domain content, to create a comprehensive guide that explodes the product creation possibilities with audio. In “Create Audio Products,” I reveal…

* The Five Categories of Public Domain Audio Content available to you (and explain how each one benefits you as a product creator).

* 16 Different Types of audio-based products you can create using Public Domain content. It’s likely that you have NEVER even considered many of these.

* The BEST places, both offline and online, to find TONS of Public Domain audio content to use however you see fit. And I’m NOT just talking about a bunch of OLD stuff. I also show you where to find current, relevant audio content on nearly ANY topic!

* Tons of FREE and low-cost tools that make creating your own audio products super easy. Plus I show you step-by-step HOW to use those tools (see the included bonuses below).

* You can easily layer audios together for amazing audio products, or to fit your video projects (like using I show you exactly HOW to do it!

* My Six-Step process walks you through the process of planning your audio, from determining the purpose and goal of the product to preparing the script and pulling together all the needed elements for a complete project (this alone is worth the investment).

* How to sell you products online (and I’m NOT just talking about your own website). There are a couple sales options you probably never considered for your audio products. I reveal them in my book…they’re pretty sweet! Of course, I also cover selling on both static and blog sites as well.

* I even include case studies (including one where I GIVE you the download page to see exactly how everything was put together).

* And MUCH More! pdf
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