The Silent Countdown: Essays in European Environmental History-Peter Brimblecombe, Christian Pfister

  • Title: The Silent Countdown: Essays in European Environmental History
  • Author: Peter Brimblecombe, Christian Pfister
  • Released: 1991-04-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 265
  • ISBN: 0387517901
  • ISBN13: 978-0387517902
  • ASIN: 0387517901


Written by natural scientists and historians, The Silent Countdown explores relations between societies and their natural environment from the Middle Ages to the present. Global views of ecological history in the long term are provided as well as sophisticated models quantifying the flow of energy across regional ecosystems. The impact of processes of production and consumption upon the natural habit (clearing of forests, soil erosion), of high pollution densities in urban centers (smoke, stench, water pollution) are demonstrated: it is shown, how people reacted to it and how efficient the measures were to control it. Battles between the owners of iron works and chemical industries, the local councils, the experts and the suffering peole suggest a surprisingly early concern of a loss of natural environment in the face of industrialization.
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