Weather Wits and Science Snickers-

  • Title: Weather Wits and Science Snickers
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  • Released: 2012-06-02
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  • Pages: 64
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  • ASIN: B0088EZN02


Review Steve LaNore received a first place award for his work on "Weather Wits" (2012). Here's what one of the judges had to say about his winning entry:

"The formatting with the humor, the questions, and answers lends itself perfectly to a read-aloud session and group response. Kids love corny jokes. Combining a joke with each amazing scientific fact is very clever. I use the term "amazing" seriously. It's always challenging to cram through much fresh information into such a small package."- Cynthia Parker Young, Press Women of Texas contest judge

From the Author The response by readers of "Weather Wits" has been beyond my cautiously optimistic expectations, and I want to thank everyone who's purchased a paperback or downloaded a Kindle version. I wrote the book to encourage kids to enjoy learning and because I love science so much. What I did not expect was that so many adults would enjoy the goofball humor and "gee whiz" facts as well. Hey, I will take that too -:)

My illustrator Elizabeth Cox did a top-shelf job on the illustrations. I provided detailed instructions for each comic, but she took my "Moon mission" and sent it all the way to Mars. Bravo, Elizabeth!

I did not write "Weather Wits" as a textbook, but a number of home school and public school educators are using it to teach, so I developed a 2nd book (in workbook format) to go along with the main book, and that should be available in March 2013. It will be offered at a lower price than the paperback. Please check back in March for an update.

I have a 3rd book coming out later this spring for readers of all ages. It will be a more factual read and it will debunk various weather myths. The tentative title for it is "Meteorological Myths and Misunderstandings". That's a mouthful. Don't try to say it while you're eating donuts -:)

Take Care...and happy reading!
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