Parenting Tips: Bullying: How to Help Your Child Cope With Bullying-

  • Title: Parenting Tips: Bullying: How to Help Your Child Cope With Bullying
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  • Released: 2013-03-22
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How to help your child deal wth bullying, with strategies and practical advice from a parenting expert.Dealing with bullying is a difficult but essential part of parenting. It is a serious problem and we need to protect our children from this form of abuse. Some bullying is obvious and some bullying is subtle and hard to prove. Unkindness and bullying are unpleasant and damaging to both the perpetrator and the recipient. As parents we have the opportunity to effect change that is good for all children at home, at school and in their adult lives.Renowned child psychologist Diane Levy provides clear and useful guidelines for dealing with bullying - so that parents can give their children skills to help themselves, plus strategies for parents to follow up with. Diane Levy's approach to parenting has two main aims – to develop emotional independence and to promote self-discipline. She shows you how to raise pleasant children whose company you can enjoy. pdf
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