Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults-Lynn Weiss

  • Title: Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults
  • Author: Lynn Weiss
  • Released: 1991-12-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 217
  • ISBN: 0878337792
  • ISBN13: 978-0878337798
  • ASIN: 0878337792


Review Weiss explains the problems of diagnosing and treating this disorder, and she offers self-help suggestions for treatment via visualization and restructuring. (Booklist ) --This text refers to the edition.

About the Author Nationally recognized and actively sought as a voice of reason, Lynn Weiss needs no introduction. Her writing accomplishments appear below. Books: View from the Cliff: A Course in Achieving Daily Focus, Taylor 2001; A.D.D. and Success, Taylor 1998; A.D.D. and Creativity, Taylor 1997; How to Read Your Child Like a Book, Meadowbrook Publishing Co. 1997; Give Your A.D.D. Teen A Chance, Pi-ion Press 1996; A.D.D. on the Job, Taylor 1996; The Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults Workbook; Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults: Practical Help and Understanding, Taylor 1992, Third edition, 1996, Best-seller. Power Lines: What to Say in Problem Situations, Weiss and Lora Cain, Taylor 1994. I Wasn't Finished with Life, Weiss,, E-Heart Press. Most recently, excerpts in ADDvance Magazine from View from the Cliff, 2001 to continue throughout 2001-2002; ADDitude Magazine, 2000; Monthly columns in Recovery; Dallas FamilyMagazine; SR Texas; Total Fitness; View Magazine, 1987-1995; Dozens of articles in newspapers, journals and newsletters on child development and child care issues. 1966-present; on ADD/ADHD issues, 1987-present; on human behavior 1966-present. --This text refers to the edition. pdf
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