Prince Alec's Accidental Bride: a romantic high fantasy short story-

  • Title: Prince Alec's Accidental Bride: a romantic high fantasy short story
  • Author:
  • Released: 2011-12-23
  • Language:
  • Pages: 25
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  • ASIN: B006PPPTJ6


When Prince Alec's father and king commands him to wed, bed, and present a wife to His Royal Majesty in three months or less, Prince Alec sets up a tournament with a devious set of challenges that no female of his acquaintance could win.

He doesn't factor in an instant irritation and reluctant attraction for Raina from the border mountains, who just wants to win some money and prizes and go back home so that her beloved parents will be able to pay their taxes and lay in enough supplies to see them through the harsh mountain winters, and who believes him to be a fellow contestant, a gentleman fallen on hard times.

When Raina discovers the true intent of the tournament and Alec's true identity, she must decide between seeking safety in the life and world she already knows, and taking a chance on Prince Alec, the future, and on their love.

An 8,400-word romantic fantasy short story.


"You have three moons to wed, bed, and present your wife to me."

Prince Alec's head jerked to face his father as the words rang out in the king's private chambers, lined austerely in tapestries that kept the cold out and instruments of battle. He was a tall and well-formed youth becoming a man, but he had only started growing a beard two winters since. To face the prospect of a lifetime shackled to a woman—


The king shook his head. "There is no reprieve. For me or you. I will see you wedded and bedded, and gods willing, with your heir in the womb before the winter is out."
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