The Gift of Time-Fiona Charles

  • Title: The Gift of Time
  • Author: Fiona Charles
  • Released: 2008-11-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 176
  • ISBN: 0932633757
  • ISBN13: 978-0932633750
  • ASIN: 0932633757



Featuring tributes by Fiona Charles, Bob Glass, James Bach, Michael Bolton, Jean McLendon, Sherry Heinze, Sue Petersen, Esther Derby, Willem van den Ende, Judah Mogilensky, Naomi Karten, James Bullock, Tim Lister, Johanna Rothman, Jonathan Kohl, Dani Weinberg, and Bent Adsersen, The Gift of Time "celebrates Gerald M. Weinberg for the time that he has given to the Information Technology world. In an astonishing career spanning fifty-plus years, Jerry is author of more than forty published nonfiction books, many of them enormously influential, and (to date) one novel. Through those years, he has built and run a successful consulting business and designed and taught courses that helped to change his students' lives.

"Jerry's generosity with his own time is well-known among his students and friends. In the closing chapter of this book, Bent Adsersen relates how Jerry once told him that time is the most valuable gift one person can give to another. Author, mentor, writing coach, consultant, storyteller, and friend, Jerry has freely given that most valuable gift, often and to many.

"The contributors to this volume have all been recipients of that gift. As readers, students, clients, colleagues, friends -- and wife, in Dani Weinberg's case -- we have shared precious time with Jerry, gaining much from the exchange.

"This book is a gift of time we give to Jerry: from a few of his many students, friends, colleagues, and his publisher, an offering in celebration of his seventy-fifth birthday."

-- from the Preface


Internationally respected for his innovative thinking on both human and technical issues, Gerald M. Weinberg is recognized as a pioneer of software testing, starting with Project Mercury in 1958. A highly influential author, lecturer, and consultant, he draws on experiences gained in all three roles, as well as from a long technical career as a software developer and researcher. Weinberg has written on topics ranging from computer systems and programming to education, problem solving, and writing.

Weinberg is the author of The Psychology of Computer Programming, The Secrets of Consulting, Weinberg on Writing, and dozens of other highly influential books and articles. His blend of wit, storytelling, and jaw-dropping insight has won him fans around the world.

Inducted into the Computer Hall of Fame in its inaugural year, Weinberg has enjoyed a long and industrious career, serving on the faculty of famed family therapist Virginia Satir, and consulting for Fortune 500 companies.
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