Fundamental Principles Of Democracy-

  • Title: Fundamental Principles Of Democracy
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  • Released: 0000-00-00
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About the Author Reid Collier is a daily citizen who is also an Advocate of Love. He is not a counselor, therapist, minister, or any other type of professional soul doctor. Reid has over sixty years of life experiences, and he sincerely desires to help people discover the “real truth” regarding the human experience. He is a very serious, reflective person with a concerned and caring heart. Reid has written seven books and is working on additional books. In his writings he simply expresses his personal reflections in the hope the reader will stop, think, reflect and ponder about what he has written. The reader is then encouraged to finalize what he or she really believes, and thus determine his or hers deep-seated beliefs and paradigms. A person becomes the manifestation of one’s paradigms. You are what you believe. Reid defines himself to be “a facilitator of love;” that is, a person who advocates the exercise of true-love. As a facilitator of love, he tries his best to make the principles of love easier to recognize, understand and exercise. Reid writes his books in the manner of one daily citizen talking to another daily citizen. Each book is a one-on-one cordial chat between two friends; and in the end, Reid hopes he and the reader become two good friends. “Love as if your life depends upon it – because it does!” pdf
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