The Royal Ride:Esther in VII Acts-

  • Title: The Royal Ride:Esther in VII Acts
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  • Released: 2005-06-21
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  • Pages: 104
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  • ASIN: B005UCXHU8


The Jewish people are on the horns of a dilemma. They are slated to be wiped out in one day. The manner in which the intended genocide came about and how God ironically solves his people's plight is the clear message of the book. The book also reflects a worse dilemma than the possible genocide of the Jews. The whole human race is at stake. The King of the universe has created a world of people for himself. The creation has gone astray and is condemned. Death and Satan desire the eternal company of every man, woman and child on earth. All are headed toward an abyss of eternal destruction unless God solves their problem. Such a universal dilemma is far greater than the Jewish plight. God is uniquely able to solve both the Jewish and universal dilemma. The story of Esther unfolds the sovereign movement of God in dealing on two levels of truth. One level sets forth his ability to save his earthly people, the Jews. A second level reflects his ability to save all mankind. The reader will discover God's way of rescuing his people and will find it helpful for his or her personal life, or for preparation for teaching or studying the book in depth. It is ideal for a small group 8-12 week study with assigned passages to read, questions to discuss, and a final celebratory feast in which to participate. This is the third of the authors three books, JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIBLE, BEAUTY FOR ASHES-My Life, the Bad and the Beautiful, and now THE ROYAL RIDE, Esther in VII ACTS. The author completed over 40 years of studying and teaching the Bible and the material was tested at camps, churches and in small group settings. Here is what proofreaders said of this book, "I actually forgot to look for errors as I became so intrigued with not only the story but your riveting questions and commentary on the events. Several sections actually brought me to tears as they reminded me of what Jesus Christ has done for me, all that I haven't done for him, and all that needs to change in pdf
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