The Furry-Legged Teapot-Robert Mcguire, Tim J. Myers

  • Title: The Furry-Legged Teapot
  • Author: Robert Mcguire, Tim J. Myers
  • Released: 2007-03-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 32
  • ISBN: 0761452958
  • ISBN13: 978-0761452959
  • ASIN: 0761452958


From School Library Journal Grade 1-4–When Yoshi, a mischievous tanuki (a popular Japanese folk character), finally comes into his power to shape-shift like the others of his kind, he races off to play a trick on the farmer's wife. He changes into a teapot, not realizing that the fire under him will become so hot that he will be unable to concentrate sufficiently to change back to himself. Yoshi can only pop his legs out of the pot and run to seek help from the monks. They consider him a demon, however, and lock him away where he alternately appears to curious visitors as simply a teapot or a teapot with furry legs. For months the tanuki languishes in loneliness until word of the amazing vessel prompts the Emperor to pay a visit. The ruler remains unimpressed, though, and Yoshi stays imprisoned in the teapot until he is saved by a most unlikely rescuer whose insight will have readers cheering. McGuire's acrylic spreads place the farmer's hut and monk's quarters in a lush Japanese countryside with mountains in the background. The monks in their simple black robes stand in contrast to the Emperor in his garment of iridescent silk, striding before a retinue of flag-carrying servants and onlookers in colorful kimonos. The tanuki is appropriately depicted like his namesake, a raccoonlike dog native to Japan. Myers provides source notes for his entertaining version of the tanuki-turned-teapot story, and readers will enjoy comparing it to his Tanuki's Gift (Marshall Cavendish, 2003). —Marianne Saccardi, formerly at Norwalk Community College, CT
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About the Author Author Tim Myers is a writer, storyteller, and songwriter living in Santa Clara, California, who admits that he, too, has somewhat furry legs. But he hasn’t been able to change himself into anything else—yet. He is also the author of Basho and the Fox, Basho and the River Stones and Tanuki’s Gift: A Japanese Tale.

Illustrator Robert McGuire was born in Kansas and received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute. Shortly afterward, he moved to Japan, where he worked as an illustrator, elementary school teacher, and designer. While living in Japan for four years, he developed a profound respect for the country’s art and culture. The soft simplicity of his paintings reflects a mix of influences from both the West and the East. He now lives in New York City with his wife. pdf
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