Georgia O'Keeffe's Hawai'i-Patricia Jennings, Maria Ausherman, Jennifer Saville

  • Title: Georgia O'Keeffe's Hawai'i
  • Author: Patricia Jennings, Maria Ausherman, Jennifer Saville
  • Released: 2011-11-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 124
  • ISBN: 0982165641
  • ISBN13: 978-0982165645
  • ASIN: 0982165641


Review "Photographs of O'Keeffe smiling broadly are evidence of her own assertion that she considered Hawai'i one of the most beautiful and remarkable of places." -- Honolulu Academy of Arts

"If my painting is what I have to give back to the world for what the world gives to me, I may say that these paintings are what I have to give at present for what three months in Hawaii gave to me." -- Georgia O'Keeffe, in Time Magazine

"A beautifully illustrated .. thoughtful memoir by ... a 12-year-old girl, ... now an octogenarian ... [who] served as the notoriously "difficult" O'Keeffe's companion and tour guide.” -- San Francisco Chronicle

About the Author Patricia Jennings Morriss grew up in Hawai'i. In her lifetime she has served on the boards of directors of numerous art and charitable organizations, managed macademia nut farms and general stores, and has been blessed with 5 children, 9 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren.

Maria Ausherman is an independent scholar interested in the history of preservation in the U.S., the history of photography, and the intersection of fine arts and documentation.

Jennifer Saville served as Curator of Western Art at the Honolulu Academy of Arts in the 1990s, curating the only showing of Georgia O'Keeffe's Hawai'i paintings since 1940. She is coauthor of Finding Paradise: Island Art in Private Collections, Georgia O'Keeffe: Paintings of Hawaii, A Printmaker in Paradise: The Art and Life of Charles W. Bartlett, and The American Canvas. pdf
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