Guide To Technical Careers in the Oil and Gas Industry (Annotated)-

  • Title: Guide To Technical Careers in the Oil and Gas Industry (Annotated)
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Pursuing a Technical Career in the Oil and Gas Industry
These days with so many school leavers looking for jobs, most jobs do not provide a reasonable wage that could meet our individual and family needs. This leaves careers in the Oil and Gas sector as the most viable alternative because of its good compensation and benefits programs. As can be seen from this short guide, the oil and gas industry survives most recession because of the numerous career opportunities that are present.
Gone are those days when oil prices were below the $10 per barrel of crude oil mark. These days’ oil prices are above the $80 per barrel of crude oil mark, with most International Oil Companies (IOC) and National Oil Companies (NOC) involved in major exploration and production activies. These heightened activities need qualified technical manpower to steer these operations to achieve the desired business objectives. To achieve these, knowledge of the overall working of the Industry and the caliber of technical personnel required is very vital.
This short guide, will provide a useful array of information to those seeking career in to the lucrative oil and gas industry, and also those already in the oil and gas business that needs job change .The future of the Oil and Gas industry is bright and it has been predicted that civilization and improvement of lifestyles of individuals and nations will lead to an increase in the demand for petroleum products, leading to more opportunities for lucrative career opportunities in the sector.
The Oil and Gas Companies are Looking for You
In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the price of Oil went below the $10 per barrel mark. This low price made most IOC’s and NOC’s to reduce their level of involvement in exploration activities, preferring to maintain already existing fields. This low investment necessitated low personnel recruitment in the sector. Then, most of the experienced hands are ageing and retiring with no suitable replacements.
Now with the rise in the oil price, exploration activities have resumed and more oil wells and fields are now available, leading to more production in Oil and Gas. More employment opportunities have arisen that needs to be filled by competent and qualified persons in especially technical disciplines. The oil companies will always recruit competent and talented individuals with varying skills and technical knowledge.
Many Oil and Gas jobs Portal now post engineering and technical jobs for the oil and gas industry that needs to be filled by competent persons who understands what the industry is made off and the required skills and educational qualifications needed to obtain such jobs.
The future of the Oil and Gas Industry
The future of the oil and gas industry is bright. With ageing and retiring workforce, comes the greater need for recruitment to fill these positions. Technological advancement in the exploration and production process means that the Oil and Gas companies will need to recruit highly competent and skilful workforce to manage and operate these complex machines and human capital requirements. There will be a lot of competition for qualified talents by these Oil and Gas companies as the field is vey dynamic. Companies who do not recruit the best candidates will be left behind. As the industry grows, high quality individuals with diverse skills will be required. Employment processes into the Oil and gas industries will be more competitive, and only the best and well informed will succeed in entering and pursuing a blissful career in this lucrative industry.
This guide is divided into five chapters. The first chapter gives a brief history of the Oil and gas industry. Chapter two talks about the structure of the petroleum industry. Chapter three gives an Overview of the oil and gas exploration and production pdf
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