The Saints: The Rhodesian Light Infantry-Chris Cocks, Alexander Binda

  • Title: The Saints: The Rhodesian Light Infantry
  • Author: Chris Cocks, Alexander Binda
  • Released: 2008-08-08
  • Language:
  • Pages: 544
  • ISBN: 1920143076
  • ISBN13: 978-1920143077
  • ASIN: 1920143076


Review "The Saints is a tremendous contribution to the history of this conflict, filling a gap in the record of the Bush War. The history of the 1st Battalion, RLI is one of courage, adaptability and combat effectiveness throughout the conflict. Initially, the battalion was formed as a standard light-infantry formation, but the progression of the insurgency war prompted it to reorganize to a commando role and to adopt new tactics. . . One of the greatest strengths of The Saints is the use of personal narratives of members of the 1st Battalion, RLI that make up the book. Supported by descriptions of the development of the unit, the narrative of the soldiers themselves tells the story of the unit, its training and combat operations. These give the text a gritty feeling of the troop's eye view of the RLI's history. Rather than sounding like an analytical history of the battalion, the real, on the ground history of the unit in the counterinsurgency war comes though. The Bush War was, in essence, a campaign of small-unit actions. It was fought by the RLI in section- and troop-sized elements led by junior leaders. By telling the story of the 1st Battalion using the troop's own words, The Saints has a personal and realistic texture. Accompanied by a fantastic array of personal contemporary photographs, most never before published, this book becomes a vivid testament to the fitting pride and outstanding valor of this fighting unit." --Special Warfare Magazine

About the Author ALEXANDRE BINDA was born in Beira, Mozambique in 1945. He joined the Rhodesian Army in 1965. Although he had attested into the Pay Corps, he was to get more operational and combat experience than any of his colleagues. Between 1968 and 1972 he took part in a dozen or so deployments with 1RLI and SAS combat-tracker teams in support of the Portuguese Army in the Tete Province of Mozambique, countering Frelimo and ZANLA guerrilla incursions from the north. He was awarded a Military Forces Commendation. During his 15 years in the Rhodesian Army, he did a four-year tour of duty of with the Selous Scouts and was commissioned in 1979. Alex is a keen student of African military history and has written several articles for Lion & Tusk, the magazine of the Rhodesian Army Association. He now lives in Northumberland, England with his wife Jane.

CHRIS COCKS was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia in 1957. He now lives in Johannesburg. He is a partner in the recently established South African publishing house, 30° South Publishers. He is the author of Fireforce, now in its fourth edition; Cyclone Blues; and is the editor and compiler of The Saints The Rhodesian Light Infantry. He is currently writing the biography of his childhood, of growing up in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, and the subsequent adjustment to life in the rebel colony of Rhodesia.

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