Mama Can't Remember Anymore: Care Management of Aging Parents and Loved Ones-Nancy Wexler

  • Title: Mama Can't Remember Anymore: Care Management of Aging Parents and Loved Ones
  • Author: Nancy Wexler
  • Released: 1996-03-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 375
  • ISBN: 0962935824
  • ISBN13: 978-0962935824
  • ASIN: 0962935824


Review "I'm happy to tell you that I am using the second edition of Mama Can't Remember Anymore:Care Management of Aging Parents and Loved Ones as a supplementary text in my teaching.

In the Economics of Aging, we emphasize issues of health and long-term care. The book is especially valuable in giving students your unique practitioner-based perspective on assisted living, nursing homes, Alzheimer's Disease, and the profession of geriatric care management. It provides the human, professional, and geriatric perspective to which all of these students should be exposed." -- Neal E. Cutler, University of Pennsylvania Adjunct Professor of Gerontology and Social Policy

...your contributions to the field through your writing, speaking, referrals and overall participation are unparalleled. -- Peter S. Belson, Family Logistics, former President, National Association for Professional Geriatric Care Managers

A comprehensive layperson's guide on how to handle the complicated issues of parent care. -- Storm Rogers, MSW, LCSW, Gerontologist

A formidable work for consumers, very well written and informative. It will have a special place on my shelf. -- Peter J. Strauss, Esq., Author, Aging and The Law

A terrific and helpful book that is also highly readable. Will help assuage the guilt and frustration with elder care. -- Jeanne Gordon, writer and Newsweek contributor, in GCM Journal

I have recommended it as required reading to family members. One of the most helpful resources that they have encountered. -- Paula P. Tchirkow, LSW,ACSW, President, Allegheny Geriatric Consultants, Pitt., PA

It saved my sanity and perhaps my life. Your book is my bible. My children and I thank you. -- Anna Renetsky, Westake Village, CA

This manual provides the answers to the many perplexing questions for potential caregivers. Wexler's book is not a do-it-yourself manual... It is a guide for people who must provide for an elderly loved one. Wexler is a pioneer in the field of private geriatric care management. This manual provides the answers to many perplexing questions for potential care-givers, She presents a convincing case for the need for qualified personnel in this new field... It is an important manual for professionals and for families with elders.... -- Sol H. Marshall, B'nai Brith Messenger

About the Author A gerontologist in practice for over 20 years, Nancy Wexler, MFT, specializes in the problems of middle-aged and older adults who are caring for their aging parents and loved ones. She has help thousands find their way through the complex maze of medical, psychological, legal, and custodial care options.

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