Witness to Jasenovac's Hell-Ilija Ivanovic

  • Title: Witness to Jasenovac's Hell
  • Author: Ilija Ivanovic
  • Released: 2002-01-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 192
  • ISBN: 0912011602
  • ISBN13: 978-0912011608
  • ASIN: 0912011602


Language Notes Text: English (translation)
Original Language: Serbo-Croation

About the Author Ilija Ivanovic, a retired schoolteacher, was thirteen years old in 1942 when he was taken from his home in the former Yugoslavia by German troops and delivered to the sadistic Ustasha. He survived three years in the Jasenovac death camp where he witnessed unspeakable torture and mass murder. pdf
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