Fat: The Weight Loss Secret - Simple Advice To Lose Weight And Change Your Life-

  • Title: Fat: The Weight Loss Secret - Simple Advice To Lose Weight And Change Your Life
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Lose Weight By Eating More Fat
Is it possible that people go about losing weight in completely the wrong manner? What if fat, normally the most feared food group, was actually the best catalyst to rapidly lose weight and become healthier? What if you gave yourself 30 days to find out?

"Fat: The Weight Loss Secret" explains how humans were made to consume large amounts of fat in order to be healthy, and that eating food high in fat actually helps you become leaner and more muscular. Debunking common dietary psychology, K.D. Joseph clarifies how an increased fat consumption can lead to improved health and dramatic weight loss, even without exercise. Are you ready to make an experimental 30 day high fat trial to change your dietary life?

This Kindle edition includes:

• A comprehensive explanation of the most important foods to eat

• A thorough list of meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert

• A simple summary of the most vital steps needed to rapidly lose weight

• A deliciously varied specific meal plan for a week of eating well while losing an incredible amount of weight at the same time

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