TUHKILLYA 50 Tequila Stories that are Funny, Sexy, Violent & Icky-

  • Title: TUHKILLYA 50 Tequila Stories that are Funny, Sexy, Violent & Icky
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  • Released: 2013-09-19
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  • Pages: 120
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  • ASIN: B00FAZ82EG


Hi, my name is William DeBris, and I am a drinker.
I spent months gathering “TuhKillYa” stories from friends and complete strangers so that I could share them with you in this book. What is a “TuhKillYa” story, you say? You’ve probably never gotten drunk on tequila if you have to ask that question.
My guess is that if you ask someone to take a shot of tequila in any part of the world, there is going to be someone else just waiting to say, “You mean TuhKillYa?” Yes, I do mean TuhKillYa. And the reason that person—no matter how annoying—is right on the salt and lime with that description, is because there is a beast in that bottle of tequila. It’s a beast without a soul, without fear, and damn if your no teeth, one-armed, fat ass, pock-marked face doesn’t remind me of Halle Berry or Tom Cruise all of a sudden.
During my research, I’ve seen hundreds of faces react to my questions about tequila stories. Most people looked at me in a strange way like I was psychic, as if to say, “How the hell did you know I had a tequila story?”
It’s simple, everyone has a tequila story. pdf
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