Hog Island Nights-Margaret Williams

  • Title: Hog Island Nights
  • Author: Margaret Williams
  • Released: 2001-04-27
  • Language:
  • Pages: 416
  • ISBN: 1588982602
  • ISBN13: 978-1588982605
  • ASIN: 1588982602


About the Author Margaret Williams is a woman with a knack for thrilling even the most tempered psyche. Her books, poetry and illustrations show the depth of her varied talents and her creative imagination. Ms. Williams was raised in a military home and the family did extensive traveling, which added to her love of adventure. As a child, in a time when imaginations ran wild and magical dragons stalked the earth, she lived in Augsburg, Germany. Her love of the fantastic lends a creative hand to her writings. She is an accomplished artist in several mediums and has broadened her spectrum to include creative writing. From oils and watercolors to pen and pencil, her vast imaginations have carried her away into the world of fiction and adventure. Currently living in North Central Texas with her husband, she enjoys writing, managing a web community and traveling. Her home is filled with the sounds of love and laughter and the walls sparkle with the memories of her three grown daughters. Now the sounds of laughter dance in the house, wrought by the whims of 6 beautiful grandchildren. Even with her work, her family and her writing, she finds time to give to others. Creating online communities to encourage novice writers to fulfill their own dreams of one day being published, she willingly shares her precious time and knowledge, her heart and imagination, giving critiques where they are warranted and warm praise for every effort shown by her friends. She actively seeks out information and even publishers in an effort to see all who deserve it have the means to accomplish their goals. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, she finds beauty in most any creative forms. pdf
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