Divine Intervention (The Lucky Chronicles)-

  • Title: Divine Intervention (The Lucky Chronicles)
  • Author:
  • Released: 2013-08-27
  • Language:
  • Pages: 488
  • ISBN:
  • ISBN13:
  • ASIN: B00ETR7S8M


Reeling from the repercussions of an Internal Affairs investigation while having a secret affair with the Attorney General's wife, NYPD Detective Tanner O'Shea's world turns upside-down when a mysterious 911 call is made from Logan Airport, recounting the murder of a thirteen-year old trafficking victim thirty-six hours before the crime. His new partner, Leonard O'Malley, knows the witness is Lucille 'Lucky' Davidson, the woman who broke Tanner's heart by ending their engagement, and moving to Boston six years ago because of a deep, dark secret. A series of unlikely events brings the two back into each other's orbit when she becomes the PR director for the Attorney General, and secretly helps Leonard investigate their homicide case using her 'special gifts.' Now embroiled in the underground world of the slave trade and politics, the trio angers a Serbian mob boss who becomes obsessed with Lucky. Can Tanner solve this crime and win back the girl with the green eyes? pdf
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