Napoleon Fallen; A Lyrical Drama-

  • Title: Napoleon Fallen; A Lyrical Drama
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  • Released: 2012-01-26
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  • Pages: 166
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  • ASIN: B0072MIXE4


Napoleon Fallen; A Lyrical Drama


In reading this Napoleonic Play, or Lyrical
Drama, or Dramatic Poem (I know not which
is the fit title), it should be remembered
that we lack as yet the proper foreground
for the contemplation of the chief character.
Fortunately, the subject, if treated with any
ordinary skill, will be always gaining instead
of losing that artistic distance which many
think so necessary; while, on the other hand,
it is likely to secure certain elements of real
strength from the mere fact of its being based
on contemporary events. Of course, it is
more than ordinarily open to abuse, for ardent
politicians who would let me have my own
way with Tiberius or Peter the Great, or even
Bonaparte, are certain to rate me roundly if I
disagree with them about Louis Napoleon.

The man who here soliloquises may not be
the real Napoleon, but I believe there is some
justification for my portrait. After all, truth
is one thing, and dramatic truth is another.
If my play possess verisimilitude, no critic
has a right to object to it because he himself
would have conceived the chief character

One final word. I desire to say that I have
nowhere in the following pages expressed my
own political opinions.

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