Survival of the Slickest: Everyone's Risk of Being Terrorized by Lawyers-Gene Louis

  • Title: Survival of the Slickest: Everyone's Risk of Being Terrorized by Lawyers
  • Author: Gene Louis
  • Released: 2006-12-07
  • Language:
  • Pages: 360
  • ISBN: 0977399400
  • ISBN13: 978-0977399406
  • ASIN: 0977399400


From the Publisher In a patriotic, consumer oriented manner, " Survival of the Slickest" introduces the basic concepts of litigation in simple terms and describes how these techniques can lead toward a type of abuse that poses a serious danger to every American. There is a call for a brand new legal system as the only way to solve the problem of legal abuse. The book concludes with a serious discussion of how citizens can and must pursue the capturing of the available riches that will materialize when they become outraged enough to claim of them.

From the Author I didn't want to write "Survival of the Slickest". The research, analysis, and writing were emotionally draining because of a convoluted legal system with no relationship to the public perception of its purpose. I didn't want to devote my valuable time and money to promote the truth about citizen abuse in return for expected citizen apathy. I didn't want to face the probable unwarranted attacks from a group of businessmen who I am trying to put back on track. There was no logical reason to take away my valuable time from other activities that I considered more constructive.

But I could not justify the risky investment it would take to continue pursuing my lifelong goals. There would be no guarantee that the legal industry would leave me alone long enough to enjoy the fruits of success that might result from my endeavors.

The consumer public needs to be warned. Even though there are many individuals and groups screaming about the increasing legal stranglehold on America, the legal trade has been able to institutionalize their un-American business. Politicians who are supposed to be representative watchdogs ignore any serious attempts to fix the real problems because they have more important goals. They must concentrate on attracting big money to pay for their campaigns. When they go to work, they work with the lawyers who help keep them in business.

Anyone who does not want to face the truth will hate this book. As far as I am concerned, that reaction would be a sign of success. The real goal of this book is to help put the legal abuse problem on the map. If that happens, my efforts would have been worth it.

This book is required reading for every American. I've spent thousands of hours of litigation, research, and analysis over seven years to assure that it would be an easy to read, well documented manual that average citizens can use to take back America.

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