Java Application Strategies for iSeries and AS/400--Second Edition-Don Denoncourt

  • Title: Java Application Strategies for iSeries and AS/400--Second Edition
  • Author: Don Denoncourt
  • Released: 2001-02-23
  • Language:
  • Pages: 560
  • ISBN: 1583470255
  • ISBN13: 978-1583470251
  • ASIN: 1583470255


About the Author I'm Don Denoncourt, and I'm a Java evangelist. I spent 10 years in the world of business applications design using RPG and COBOL. One day I began to wonder if there was more to programming than structured applications. I bid farewell to friends and family and moved fifteen hundred miles to be a systems programmer at ASNA. There I began a journey of enlightenment as the masters of ASNA taught me the tenets of object-oriented programming with C++. I learned that, although structured techniques had served AS/400 programmers well, there was a better way. After five years, I was ready to come down off the mountaintop and preach the gospel of object-oriented programming. But C++ was a language for computer scientists; not business applications programmers. I needed a language that was not as complex and error-prone as C++ and yet was purely object-oriented. The company called Sun delivered that language to me in the form of Java.

The way is object-oriented programming; the language of the way is Java.

Midrange Computing has seen fit to give me access to a powerful media to spread my Java evangelism -- as a senior technical editor for Midrange Computing. It is my job to help MC readers prepare themselves for a future that involves the bandwidth of the Internet and the language and platform of Java. I thoroughly enjoy it. You can reach Don by email at

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