Macs For Dummies-David Pogue

  • Title: Macs For Dummies
  • Author: David Pogue
  • Released: 1998-11-20
  • Language:
  • Pages: 432
  • ISBN: 0764503987
  • ISBN13: 978-0764503986
  • ASIN: 0764503987


Whether you have inherited an older Macintosh or just bought a brand-new one, you'll get more from it with the assistance of Macs for Dummies. In addition to the fundamental information that has put generations of Mac users on the right track, this latest edition of a long-standing bestseller incorporates information about the newest Mac developments, including Mac OS 8.5 and the iMac.

On top of author David Pogue's coverage of the system itself and Mac hardware, Macs for Dummies shows you how to use all the most popular Mac application programs, including AppleWorks (also known as ClarisWorks) and Microsoft Office. There's also an excellent glossary that helps you figure out jargon you may encounter in manuals and on the Internet.

This book would be better if Pogue had included more about creating local area networks (LANs) for Macs--such networks are popping up in homes and small offices everywhere. Setting up Mac LANs is so easy, it seems unnecessary to relegate information about it to , as Pogue and his publisher have done. But by itself, the information here is extremely valuable, especially for people totally new to computing. Macs for Dummies makes you feel welcome in the Mac community. --David Wall

From the Back Cover "Pogue is not only competent and articulate in translating computerese into English, but he is also an enthusiastic cheerleader." — The New York Times

Includes Coverage of the New Internet-Friendly iMac!

Publishers Weekly #1 Bestselling Macintosh Book Completely updated for Mac OS 8.5 and the latest Mac programs, this sixth edition of the hilarious international bestseller Macs® For Dummies® leaves no stone unturned! Popular Macworld columnist David Pogue gives you everything you need to know about Macs both old and new — in one, easy-to-read, jargon-free book of useful knowledge that will turn you into a Mac guru in no time. Let These Icons Guide You!

  • Points you to shortcuts and insights that save you time and trouble
  • Indicates occasional, unexplainable stuff from the world's greatest computer
  • Highlights hot new shortcuts and features in the latest systems software

Inside, find helpful advice on how to:

  • Manage files — without losing any
  • Create, print, and fax documents easily
  • Get on the Net and surf with the latest browsers
  • Make Mac OS 8.5 and Microsoft Office suite for Macs work for you
  • Discover all the new gadgets you can add to your Mac
  • Troubleshoot your way out of almost any problem
  • Uncover cool little shortcuts, hidden pictures, and time-savers

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