Beyond Cape Horn: Travels in the Antarctic-CHARLES NEIDER

  • Title: Beyond Cape Horn: Travels in the Antarctic
  • Released: 2002-09-03
  • Language:
  • Pages: 408
  • ISBN: 815412355
  • ISBN13:
  • ASIN: B0091M8LE0


Review Neider's journal-style book alternates between dramatic passages about the strange environment and its denizens, and penetrating-sometimes scythelike-discussions of the almost equally strange lives of the men who live and work there. (Los Angeles Times )

A superb travel narrative. (Publishers Weekly )

An extraordinary full book, stocked with facts, images, and feeling. (Kirkus Reviews )

The book is an excellent introduction to the fascinating life and landscape of earth's least-known continent. (San Francisco Chronicle )

[Beyond Cape Horn] does for the general reader what statistical and scientific expeditions have done for scientists to bring about a greater understanding of the complex area. (Denver Post )

A vivid and memorable account which is enhanced by extensive interviews with Antartic explorers such as Sir Charles Wright, Laurence Gould, and Sir Vivian Fuchs (the first man to cross Antartica's landmass), Beyond Cape Horn is an exceptional blend of personal memoir and scientific treatise which is particularly recommended for those who appreciate travel, exploration, and the magnificence of untamed nature. (Wisconsin Bookwatch )

About the Author Charles Neider is the editor of Antarctica: Firsthand Accounts of Exploration and Endurance, Tolstoy: Tales of Courage and Conflict and Life As I Find It: A Treasury of Mark Twain Rarities, among many other books. pdf
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