Professional Visual Basic 6.0 Business Objects-Rockford Lhotka, Lhotka, Rocky Lhotka

  • Title: Professional Visual Basic 6.0 Business Objects
  • Author: Rockford Lhotka, Lhotka, Rocky Lhotka
  • Released: 1998-10-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 700
  • ISBN: 186100107X
  • ISBN13: 978-1861001078
  • ASIN: 186100107X


Visual Basic 6 Business Objects provides a thorough introduction to employing objects that are used to model real-world business problems. Using a video rental store as its central case study, this tutorial takes you through the design philosophy and actual implementation of a real-world application using Visual Basic 6. Along the way, author Rockford Lhotka discusses other Microsoft tools, such as Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), and Internet options using Active Server Pages (ASP) and Dynamic HTML (DHTML). Authoritative, yet not overwhelming, this is a great single-volume introduction to serious enterprise development using the latest in Microsoft tools wired together with Visual Basic. --Richard Dragan

From the Publisher In recent years, the concept of 'business objects' has taken hold in the developer community. Basically, these are the processes that deal with some input data and mediate the appropriate business response. Whether this is a stock-withdrawal from a warehouse supply system, an invoice-sender or whatever, writing the code in such a way that it can be used by an entire organization to maintain coherent information on the business is worthwhile. Visual Basic 6 classes can be exposed as ActiveX objects. This allows the developer to use DCOM to enable objects to communicate between machines. Also, objects can be both called and scripted by Active Server Pages and controlled by Microsoft Transaction Server, so that they are accessible through a web browser. Tied to these new server-side technologies from Microsoft, we can see that Visual Basic is a great tool to implement such a system. The book does this for a variety of client-server designs, to show how to design and deploy business objects. Business Objects by Rockford Lhotka is STILL the only book dedicated to Business Objects with VB, the hottest topic for developers pdf
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