Progress in Drug Research-Ernst Jucker

  • Title: Progress in Drug Research
  • Author: Ernst Jucker
  • Released: 2013-12-31
  • Language:
  • Pages: 290
  • ISBN: 3034894643
  • ISBN13: 978-3034894647
  • ASIN: 3034894643


Nikolaus Seiler, Benoit Duranton and Francis Raul: The polyamine oxidase inactivator MDL 72527.- Zhi Hong and Craig E. Cameron: Pleiotropic mechanisms of ribavirin antiviral activities.- Jie Hong Hu and Charles Krieger: Protein phosphorylation networks in motor neuron death.- James O. Schenk: The functioning neuronal transporter for dopamine: kinetic mechanisms and effects of amphetamines, cocaine and methylphenidate.- Laszlo Prokai: Central nervous system effects of thyrotropin-releasing hormone and ist analogues: opportunities and perspectives for drug discovery and development.- David F. Horrobin: A new category of psychotropic drugs: neuroactive lipids as exemplified by ethyl eicosapentaenoate (E-E).- Suprabhat Ray, Reema Rastogi and Atul Kumar: Current status of estrogen receptors
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