All Kids Love Yoga-

  • Title: All Kids Love Yoga
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  • Released: 2013-09-19
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  • Pages: 117
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"All Kids Love Yoga" is a manual for adults who want to practise yoga with children. It covers the 3 aspects of Hatha Yoga - physical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.  The book contains fun childlike yet accurate illustrations to demonstrate the postures.  The names of 41 postures and their benefits are explained.

“All Kids Love Yoga” features a number of sequences, ranging from the classic “sun salutation” to unique, fun, themed sequences.  All sequences are designed in a thoughtful, balanced way to stretch and strengthen a child's body.

This book does not replace guided yoga lessons conducted by trained teachers. It is designed to introduce yoga to those who are interested in practising mindful exercises with children and support those who need inspiration in their yoga practise.  The book offers modular activities and diverse lessons can be created according to the mood and need of the children.  In school environments, individual themes can also be used to create lessons according to the childrens' requirements.  

Last but not least, in a world of incessant stimulation and noise, children need activities that promote quiet, self awareness and inner fulfillment. The book offers activities ranging from breathing exercises to group activities and guided relaxations that encourage this quiet time in a stimulating way, as well as techniques to support children in managing life’s challenges.   pdf
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