Stardust to Planets: A Geological Tour of the Solar System-Harry Y. McSween

  • Title: Stardust to Planets: A Geological Tour of the Solar System
  • Author: Harry Y. McSween
  • Released: 1993-07-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 241
  • ISBN: 0312093942
  • ISBN13: 978-0312093945
  • ASIN: 0312093942


From Publishers Weekly McSween gives new life to the standard "Grand Tour" of astronomy by keeping his eyes on the rocks--the geologic facts of the solar system. As Voyager and other satellite space probes , functioning like electronic geologists, send back electronic information about planetary bodies, the author and other planet scientists have analyzed the data. Head of the Geological Sciences department at the University of Tennessee, McSween avoids the temptation to use these shards of information as any sort of "cosmologist's stone" to advance a vision of the origins of the universe, although his few generalizations line up with the Big Bang theory. This well-written report from a working planetary scientist achieves his goal of demonstrating how "geologic perspective can provide a new understanding of our cosmic neighborhood." It offers an enlightening balance to the spate of books by theoretical physicists and cosmologists.
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From Library Journal This delightful book by the author of Meteorites and Their Parent Planets (Cambridge Univ. Pr., 1987) provides a geological look at meteorites, asteroids, the lunar crust, and other cosmic stuff. Topics range from minuscule diamonds found in meteorites to magma oceans that once existed on the moon. McSween's lively, often witty accounts are replete with anecdotes related to various discoveries. His book is less technical and more eclectic than most books dealing with planetary geology. Recommended for public library science collections.
- Joesph Hannibal, Cleveland Museum of Natural History
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