Critical Issues In Crime and Justice-Albert R. Roberts

  • Title: Critical Issues In Crime and Justice
  • Author: Albert R. Roberts
  • Released: 2003-01-02
  • Language:
  • Pages: 464
  • ISBN: 0761926860
  • ISBN13: 978-0761926863
  • ASIN: 0761926860



"Critical Issues in Crime and Justice is one of the most timely and informative textbooks I’ve seen. It provides an excellent overview of the most current challenges facing the criminal justice system today. I highly recommend it."

(Joseph Caruso)

"This is the most significant criminal justice book of original works published in the current decade. It provides valuable information on policies, practices, and model programs in order to reduce the skyrocketing number of violent offenders and victims. It is the only book that includes the latest information on how to effectively intervene and remedy the violent crime problem."

(Eric W. Hickey)

"Critical Issues in Crime and Justice is a fascinating blueprint for the criminal justice system of the future, an invaluable reference tool for progressive police executives, and an excellent teaching platform for all levels of criminal justice education."

(Thomas W. Finn, Deputy Police Chief, MPA, Director of Public Safety)

"Dr. Roberts has compiled an invaluable resource that can be used in a multitude of courses in undergraduate and graduate programs. The essays address significant, critical and timely issues in criminal justice, and as such, the book is a must-read for criminal justice practitioners, students, and anyone with an interest in criminal justice."

(Dr. Laura J. Moriarty)

"Dr. Albert R. Roberts is one of America’s leading authorities on criminology and criminal justice, and the Second Edition of his Critical Issues in Crime and Justice is most welcome. The Second Edition provides extremely important and timely information on a host of issues that are relevant to students in criminal justice, social work, criminology, political science, law, and related fields. This book is an excellent text and will be extremely popular with scholars, practitioners, and students."

(John E.B. Myers)

About the Author

D.S.W. from U. of Maryland. Chairman of Administration of Justice Department. Author or co-author of ten books, many in second or third editions, among them: Moraskin/Roberts: Visions for Change: Crime and Justice in the Twenty-First Century 2ND (PH, 1998, 444 pp. $55.00), Roberts: Crisis Intervention Handbook: Assessment, Treatment, and Research 2/e (O.U.P., 2000), Roberts ed. Juvenile Justice: Policies, Programs, and Services 2/e (Wadsworth, 1998, 300 pp. $45.95) He has also published two other books with Sage:

  • Crisis Intervention and Time-Limited Cognitive Treatment - pub’d.1/95, sales to date of 2,585/$61,662 (2,290 paper/$50,497)
  • Helping Crime Victims: Research, Policy and Practice – pub’d 6/90, sales to date of 3,031/$57,325 (2,425 paper/$40,943)
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