Anarca DeLuxe-

  • Title: Anarca DeLuxe
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  • Released: 2013-08-29
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  • Pages: 161
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  • ASIN: B00F1X39AO


Wagner Anarca tells us a story of his musical journey that began in Brazil, 1979
With the Band Anarca, then his inspiring voyage to USA to play with the Band God’s Gift. Finally to working on his solo carrier, which was shared with drawings and poetry…But, it all ended with Pizzas…

The history of the band Anarca is closely linked to the passion of music by Wagner, recognized for his guitar skills started his career in Brazil being highlighted in the 80's, and accompanied by friends who believed in his dream amassed a musical legacy of unforgettable moments.

Follow this path is to observe a journey without fear of obstacles to the growth direction and musical practice that is only possible to those who truly seek and are open to looking at life through the windows of the heart. Wagner is restlessness in his soul; a feeling that nurtures the desire typical of a true artist is always creating and perfecting their works.

I invite you readers to curl up in a chair and enjoy the History of Anarca, now with the joy of color, giving life to this beautiful and amazing career. pdf
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