Cruising the West: Fifty Years of Sail, Color Edition-Matts Djos, Jeanine Djos

  • Title: Cruising the West: Fifty Years of Sail, Color Edition
  • Author: Matts Djos, Jeanine Djos
  • Released: 2012-12-17
  • Language:
  • Pages: 188
  • ISBN: 1481275755
  • ISBN13: 978-1481275750
  • ASIN: 1481275755


About the Author

Matts Djos is a lifelong sailor and boating enthusiast. He and Jeanine have sailed much of the West, including the Pacific Northwest, Canada, Mexico, California, the Great Southwest, and the Rockies.

Matts has written extensively on sailing and is a freelance writer for SAILING, 48 NORTH, SAIL, and CRUISING WORLD. He is the author of the semi-biographical novel, THE SPINDRIFT (Amazon, 2012) and the nautical guide, SAILING OUT OF RETIREMENT: LIVING THE DREAM (Amazon, 2010). In 2007, he retired as a Professor Emeritus of American Literature after 45 years in education

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