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  • Title: Halo 3: The Official Strategy Guide (Prima Official Game Guides)
  • Author: Piggyback
  • Released: 2007-09-25
  • Language:
  • Pages: 208
  • ISBN: 0761556990
  • ISBN13: 978-0761556992
  • ASIN: 0761556990


Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. EXCLUSIVE HALO 3 TIPS & TRICKS
These tips have been written by Piggyback, the creators of the Halo 3 Official Guide. The complete 208-page guide gives you all maps for the Campaign and Multiplayer modes as well as a spoiler-free walthrough. In addition, a detailed Extras chapter reveals Halo 3’s innermost secrets! S.R.P. $19.99. Available in stores now.
Tip #01
Campaign: Unlike with other Brutes, you cannot stick grenades to the bodies of Chieftains, and they’re quicker to dive when you throw explosives. To kill them in this way, you need to aim specifically for their weapon. A Plasma Grenade stuck to a Chieftain’s Gravity Hammer or Plasma Turret can result in an instant kill – but it’s an art that few players will master.
Tip #02
With the new “sword parry” feature, using an Energy Sword against an opponent armed with the same weapon is much more tactical. In a sword versus sword fight, you can now stop a lunging duelist in their tracks and block by pressing the melee button. If your timing is precise, the parry will stun your opponent briefly, offering a window of opportunity for you to run them through with your own lunge.
Tip #03
When you attack from behind cover, take your weapons into account. If you are using a single firearm, such as a Battle Rifle or large turret, it’s better to move out to attack from the right-hand side – that way, you will present a slightly smaller target to your opponents. When you dual wield and your “lead” weapon is in your left hand – a Plasma Pistol or Plasma Rifle, for instance – the opposite applies.
Tip #04
If you press and hold the zoom button, you will return to the previous zoom level immediately when you remove your thumb. This is an interesting feature when you wield scoped weapons, particularly the Sniper Rifle and Beam Rifle. It’s almost certainly too awkward for snipers to line up a shot with the thumbstick depressed, but it’s handy if you need to briefly take a closer look at something.
Tip #05
Multiplayer: As soon as you spawn, grab the first weapon you encounter as backup to your Assault Rifle. Even if you set off with the express intention of collecting a particular firearm, it always pays to have a second gun in reserve. Rather than reloading the Assault Rifle when its clip is exhausted in a skirmish, you can switch to your other weapon to finish your adversary off.
Tip #06
Throwing grenades to soften up opponents before you launch an attack is a highly profitable tactic. The shield damage and momentary disorientation can enable you to seize the advantage against adversaries armed with far superior weapons. Grenades can also be employed to deter assailants from giving chase, especially when you run through doors, which can provide time for your shield to recharge. Spike Grenades are remarkably efficient in enclosed spaces. Not only will the spikes rebound from nearby surfaces, you can plant them on walls and ceilings to give a player in pursuit a nasty shock.
Tip #07
As in Halo 2, you can melee attack the Ghost’s “wings” to destroy them, which may enable you to squeeze the vehicle into places that it is not, at least technically, supposed to be in.
Tip #08
If you are confronted by an enemy sniper (whether human or Covenant), concentrate on keeping your adversary “descoped” – that is, shoot them in measured bursts to prevent them from zooming in and making a precision shot.
Tip #09
Campaign: You can destroy Infection Forms as they begin to burrow their way into the chest cavities of living creatures or corpses. However, you should refrain from shooting cadavers during the Flood transformation sequence – until they begin to clamber to their feet, you’re simply wasting ammunition.
Tip #10
Multiplayer: If you crouch as you walk, you will be invisible to enemy Motion Trackers. Naturally, this is only of use in Game Types and Variants that don’t reveal your position with a waypoint marker. Crouching while airborne will enable you to slightly extend the duration of a leap, and even reach heights or distances that are not possible with a standard jump. pdf
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