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  • Released: 2013-09-13
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"This book dares to imagine world history (and the world) differently. With verve and originality, the authors journey across the enormous landscape of world history. Each thematic foray brilliantly illuminates our human experience from prehistory to the twenty-first century ... a refreshing change of pace [and]must reading for students interested in world history beyond the textbook." - Anand A. Yang, Golub Chair of International Studies, University of Washington, USA

"Truly deserves the term tour de force ... A history of the world fit for today's global citizens, highlighting the connections, interactions, migrations and cross-fertilizations that shape our extremely impressive piece of work."  – Anne Gerritsen, Warwick University, UK

"A cutting edge rethinking of world history that brings out its underlying themes and dynamics with force and clarity.... It deserves a place on every teacher's book shelf and in every high school and college library." - Peter Winn, Tufts University, USA

"Concise and focussed, it is especially appropriate for freshman level because of the coverage and scope, and also useful at the graduate level to demonstrate how a thematic structure compares to a more chronological approach." – Dorothea Martin, Appalachian State University, USA

"An excellent overview of world historical development. The narrative is clear, coherent and persuasive. It should be read by all who are interested in world history." – Joseph M. Fernando, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur


About the Author

Candice Goucher is Professor of History at Washington State University, Vancouver. Linda Walton is Professor of History at Portland State University, Oregon.

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