Paddling Basics: Canoeing-Cecil Kuhne

  • Title: Paddling Basics: Canoeing
  • Author: Cecil Kuhne
  • Released: 1998-04-01
  • Language:
  • Pages: 160
  • ISBN: 0811728811
  • ISBN13: 978-0811728812
  • ASIN: 0811728811


From Center thwart, shallow arch, roostertail, low brace--sound familiar? If not, those terms and many more canoeing fundamentals are explained in the first book in Stackpole's Paddling Basics series. Whether one's paddling prowess is limited to a calm lake once a year or a weeklong white water adventure, the information provided can guide anyone through such decisions as what type of canoe to purchase or how to navigate around a swirling current, known as an eddy. Writing in a clear, get-to-the-point style, Kuhne takes the reader through boat design, stroke techniques, the reading of currents, and safety tips, such as how to pull a swamped boat to shore. Line drawings, for example, those illustrating the difference between an expedition canoe and a recreational canoe or advanced strokes such as the cross draw, pry, and duffek, clarify and complement the text. Canoeing may be a self-propelled sport, but assistance provided by this book will be greatly appreciated by both beginner and experienced paddlers. Brenda Barrera

About the Author Cecil Kuhne is an experienced kayaker and a regular contributor to Paddler magazine. He lives in Dallas. pdf
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