Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology-K.F. Kussmaul

  • Title: Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology
  • Author: K.F. Kussmaul
  • Released: 1993-08-16
  • Language:
  • Pages: 4928
  • ISBN: 0444815155
  • ISBN13: 978-0444815156
  • ASIN: 0444815155


The biennial SMiRT Conferences bring together contributions from scientists and engineers who are involved with: the fundamental aspects of engineering mechanics; the development of realistic constitutive laws; the application of structural mechanics to problems of nuclear technology; and establishing structural safety for nuclear facilities.

The discussions presented in this 13-volume publication (presented in a boxed set) continue to further the aim of SMiRT towards a better and safer life in the world through improvement of nuclear technology. The topics reviewed include issues related to the progress made in the development of concepts, methods, and applications related to specific divisions or to fields which bridge these divisions. The volumes reflect the emphasis on problems arising with experience in operating large nuclear power plants and traces the pattern of rapid technological evolution in meeting the needs of and assuring a viable new industry. The articles are intended to stimulate and foster international scientific / engineering communication in the field of structural mechanics as applied to reactor technology, promoting the technological goals of safe and economic exploitation of fission nuclear power and of eventually bringing fusion nuclear power into being.

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